SWFL Jewish community shown horrors of Hamas attack

Reporter: Claire Galt
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The Jewish Federation of Greater Naples was shown the horrors of the Hamas attack that happened on Oct. 7 in Southern Israel.

Hearing about what Hamas did to Israelis is one thing. Watching it is something different.

There was pain in the hearts of every single person who sat in that room and saw those tapes.

The Deputy Consul General of Israel, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mike Driquez came to SWFL from Miami.

The room went silent, except for a few deep breaths, as Driquez clicked play.

The footage was from the day Hamas terrorists crossed the Gaza border into Israel and butchered hundreds of Israelis.

“It was gut-wrenching. It is horrific. There’s no good feeling that comes from that,” said Jeffrey Feld, CEO and president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples.

The terrorists strapped GoPros to themselves and recorded every second of their attack, every scream of men women, and children begging for mercy.

“The people that did the attacking, murdered, raped, mutilated, kidnapped, burnt, homes, burnt people. They did all kinds of things that in my mind should be unmentionable,” Feld said.

Israeli defense soldiers’ body cameras captured the aftermath of the massacre.

“The women who were just raped the burnt bodies. The diapers that were in abundance there. It’s just unbelievable, and we don’t know anything about those babies. We don’t even know they’re still alive,” said Marina Berkovich, a member of the foundation.

“We have a terrorist organization who burned babies and beheaded babies and raped women and made the worst of atrocities that you saw on these videos,” Driquez said.

Driquez and the federation said, while this is painful, it is necessary.

“The holocaust happened because Israel didn’t exist, and today it exists, and it will prevail, and this is good versus evil. This is not Israel versus Hamas. This is us fighting for the freedom of humanity,” Driquez said.

According to Feld, the mission now is to get those who were kidnapped back safe and sound and get rid of the organization that orchestrated that attack.

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