Posters on trees show hostages taken by Hamas

Reporter: Claire Galt
Published: Updated:

Posters are popping up along McGregor Boulevard in Lee County showing some of the hostages taken by Hamas.

There were no signs anyone ripped any of them down like we’ve seen in several cities and on college campuses.

Someone did put sticky notes on a sign for 41-year-old Tal Hamimi. They wrote “Freedom for Palestine” and “Arabs’ lives matter.”

On Tuesday, the deputy consul general of Israel, Mike Driquez, visited the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples. He addressed criticism of Israel for going into Gaza to wipe out Hamas.

Driquez believes facts of why there’s now a war are being ignored or forgotten.

“There is a democratic country who has been attacked unprovoked, and we have a terrorist organization who burned babies and beheaded babies and raped women and made the worst of atrocities that you saw on these videos, so there is no comparison,” Driquez said.

Hamas is still holding 19-year-old Karina Ariev, 29-year-old Shani Goren, 62-year-old Aviva Siegel, an American, and so many more men women, and children hostage. There are currently 240 hostages

“The thing is, is that the world is not listening. It doesn’t matter how much we scream. The world is not listening,” Driquez said.

But Driquez said he will keep talking about Hamas, whether the world listens or not.

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