Edison Grand residents reach 11 days with no A/C

Reporter: Olivia Jean
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90 degrees outside and 90 degrees inside too.

People who live at the Edison Grand apartments in Fort Myers say they’ve been living without A/C for over a week.

Some even sleep in the lobby, where there is A/C.

Several Edison Grand residents are asking for money off rent, and some have even asked to be placed in a hotel. Everyone is asking for the management to fix their air conditioning.

WINK News met Steve Cotton in the lobby of the Edison Grand. He was taking a break from the heat and enjoying the A/C in the lobby.

“I’m not doing very well. My doctor says that I should go to ER,” Cotton said.

He lives on a high floor at the Edison Grand and hasn’t had air conditioning for 11 days.

His thermometer showed that the average temperature in his apartment was 79 degrees in May. The A/C issues started on May 16, mid-month.

“I was told by the property manager that more than 80% are affected, but somehow they have this beautiful lobby that’s nice air conditioning,” Cotton said

The building is 25 stories.

“There’s still no fresh air. So it’s been really, really hot. Even with fans, you know, it just blows around that air. So it can’t be healthy. It’s super uncomfortable with the hot weather we’ve been having,” another Edison Grand resident said.

Some even decided they just couldn’t do it anymore.

“I’ve been staying over at my parents,” another Edison Grand resident said.

The lease clearly states that the building owners must maintain A/C, and residents may break their lease if they don’t.

“The other thing is that maintenance, every time I have to call them, they say, ‘Well, close your blinds.’ Why would I pay for a view and close my blinds and live in a box?,” Cotton said.

Maintenance said they are working on it, but residents say not much progress has been made.

“There’s there’s not even a right person to talk to. And it’s just always getting put off,” said another Edison Grand Resident.

“The people are nice, but nicely goes so far. You know, and I’ve enjoyed living here and I like living here. And I get wonderful use out my window. But right now, I’m not feeling good,” Cotton said.

No A/C begs the question: Is a good view worth all the hassle?

WINK News reached out to the Asset Management group.

It is worth noting that staff has changed in the last month. There is a new property manager who can hopefully – bring some much-needed upgrades to this building.

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