Here are hurricane terms to know ahead of the 2024 season

Center: The vertical axis of a tropical cyclone, usually defined by the location of minimum wind or minimum pressure. El Niño: The abnormal weather pattern caused by warmer-than-normal water in the central and eastern Pacific along the equator. When the tropical Pacific is warmer than normal, winds at upper levels (about 30,000 feet) of the […]

Florida hurricane season 2024: know your risks

As Hurricane Ian tragically reminded us, hurricanes can be highly destructive and potentially deadly. That’s why, regardless of its rating, you should treat every hurricane—and the dangers associated with it—very seriously.

A Message from Matt Devitt

Welcome to the 2023 WINK News Hurricane Guide. Hurricane season is now here, and for the next six months, the WINK Weather Team will constantly monitor for tropical depressions, tropical storms and hurricanes that could be potential threats.

Dangers of Electricity

Following a hurricane, electrical equipment, downed power lines and household wiring can all pose potential hazards if not dealt with properly. Here’s how to safely contend with such problems.

After the Storm

Though the storm may have passed, many dangers can remain in its wake. During this clean-up and repair period, your primary focus should be on keeping yourself safe, as well as ensuring that your family, friends, neighbors and emergency workers also remain safe.