Florida bakery faces threats after refusing anti-gay request

Author: wink news

LONGWOOD, Fla.- A bakery owner says she’s been receiving death threats after refusing a man’s request to make a cake with a message opposing same-sex marriage.

Turns out, the request was a social experiment gone wrong.

“He wanted us to put a hateful message on a cake and I said, ‘We’re not going to do that,” said Sharon Haller.

Haller is the owner of Cut the Cake, a mom and pop shop now at the center of controversy over a phone call and a video.

“I need a sheet cake and I need it to say we do not support gay marriage,” said Joshua Feuerstein in the video posted on Facebook.

Feuerstein, a former pastor in Arizona, is the man who made the call. “For me this is nothing against gay people. For me, this is about religious freedom.”

He calls it a social experiment following Indiana’s new and controversial religious freedom law.

“I wanted to see if it was actually a double standard, if a gay-friendly bakery and one that advertised themselves as so on pro-LGBT wedding sites, would actually bake a cake that went against their principals,” said Feuerstein.

Haller says the experiment came at her expense.

“We started getting some hundreds of phone calls and making very nasty and negative gestures towards our business, towards us,” said Haller.

“I never asked people to call, be hateful or boycott them,” said Feuerstein.

The video depicting the request got more than a million hits.

Feuerstein says he took it down, after the bakery asked him to do so but then, the bakery shared it.

“If anything, I think this is definitely going to help their business,” said Feuerstein.

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