Doctors find handgun on DUI suspect during CT Scan

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NAPLES, Fla. – An intoxicated man crashed his car on Interstate 75 and Pine Ridge Road on Friday. He was taken to Naples Community Hospital (NCH) for his injuries, but when he got there he began fighting with the nurses. He was taken to get a CT scan when one of the doctor’s found a handgun.

“I’m totally in disbelief but on the other hand I can believe it,” said a woman who lives near the hospital.

According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) responded to a crash on I-75 and Pine Ridge Road where the driver, Alcides Reygracia, crashed while under the influence.

“Florida Highway Patrol, if the guy had been that intoxicated that he crashed the car, something is going on. So they probably should have checked him out a little further,” she said.

Reygracia was taken to NCH for his injuries but started to act belligerent with the nurses. The report says a deputy was able to calm him down and then he was taken to a separate room for a CT scan.

The nurses told deputies they had asked him to remove his pants and put on a hospital gown, and he was acting strange and trying to remove something from his waist. As he was putting the gown on, the X-Ray technician noticed a handgun and alerted the nurse who then grabbed the gun from Reygracia before the situation got any worse.

“It’s a pretty gutsy move. Someone just picked up the gun? Wow, that’s pretty gutsy.”

People who live near NCH are trying to figure out how Reygracia, who has had previous felony charges, got so far into the hospital with a deadly weapon.

When deputies questioned if the gun was his, he told them to throw it away for him.

“It could have been a lot worse.”

WINK News reached out to NCH and FHP for a comment but we are still waiting to hear back.


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