Sentiment of police appreciation spreads through SWFL

Author: alec schreck
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FORT MYERS, Fla.- Violence against police across the nation has triggered widespread support for law enforcement.

You may have heard about the teen who offered to stand guard while a Texas deputy pumped gas into her car, or you may have seen videos of support showing up on social media some of which have been spotted closer to home.

Driving down Skyline Boulevard in Cape Coral, you get a clear indication of how Bryan Moore feels about those who serve.

“I’m a school teacher and the times when we’re recognized by the community makes me feel proud. I’m glad that people recognize what we do, and I feel that way about our public servants,” said Moore.

A sentiment the Cape Coral Police Department is thankful for. The department says:

 “Given the recent upswing in violence against police officers, it’s great to see members of the community step forward and show support.”

The Fort Myers Police Department (FMPD) posted a picture on its Facebook page of a little girl giving a handwritten thank you card to Officer Matthew Yeomans.

“I mean these are trying times for law enforcement. We’ve seen some brutal, senseless murders of cops over the last several months. And, you know, a gesture like this just really hits home,” said Lt. Victor Medico, with FMPD. “[It] carries throughout the whole police department that people do care about us. That’s what makes us come in and do our job.”

The support for law enforcement is becoming a national trend. Moore says the support by him and others underscores one simple idea.

“I wanted to just acknowledge the fact that all lives do matter; black lives, white lives, police lives. I think it’s important to recognize that.”

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