‘It’s all about connection,’ Statement Peace makes jewelry with sustainability in mind

Reporter: Jacquelyn Kisic
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The brand Statement Peace, once started inside founder Jessica Lee’s home, is now in 2,700 stores across the country.

The brand is known as a “vibe” says Lee, incorporating sustainable wooden jewelry and other apparel into a worldwide lifestyle brand.

Jessica Lee, or Jessi, shared her experiences as a woman founder in the lifestyle brand industry, highlighting the challenges she faced and the fulfillment she found in creating sustainable pieces.

Lee worked in the hospitality industry for several years, until one day she grew tired of working her 9-5 job. In 2017, she decided to launch her brand, Statement Peace.

“There was a part of me that wasn’t satisfied, and I didn’t realize that it was just the art of creation in general,” said Lee. “So I started to work with wood when my dad would sort of hand me scraps of wood.”

Lee said that she used to go dumpster diving behind Naples stores, looking for high-quality wood. From there, she now manufactures all of her products in her Naples home.

“It can be beautiful, centuries-old– driftwood can be just as beautiful as new wood,” said Lee. “I realized there’s a lot of life, and I’m connected to nature. I’m connected to trees, and I love it.”

Lee says she built her brand through retailers and connections through the hospitality industry. During the pandemic, Lee started getting involved in trade shows and through in-person and online connections.

Lee found she is able to connect to clients more in finding what they are looking for through her artistic abilities and lively spirit,

“I think that what I’ve learned in the journey most is I’ve honored my connection to myself, meaning that when I create, I’m happy, and I’m in a very good place,” said Lee. “I’m very satisfied, you know, everyone’s looking for what their calling is.”

Statement Peace offers more than sustainable wooden jewelry like, clothes, scents, hats and even keychains.

“We started out heavy with necklaces, then earrings,” said Lee, adding, “As I’ve grown through the journey because Statement Peace really is just an extension of myself … I change and I grow, and as I evolve, so does my tastes.”

Last year, Lee was on the cover of Gulfshore Business Magazine for her remarkable growing business numbers.

One recent Statement Peace location can be found at the Hand and Artisan Market in Mercato.

With nearly 3,000 stores carrying her goods, the brand is growing quickly. You can find the brand retailers here.

Lee finds that all ages are into her “vibe.”

In Naples her clientele is in their 50s, 60s and 70s. Overall, it’s about the in-person shopping connection that keeps her doors open.

“People want connection,” said Lee. “It’s when someone has a connection to a product, it’s one thing, you know, but when they can connect with the maker of the product, it’s another thing.”

Statement Peace brand products range from $8 to upwards of $60.

While shopping around Mercato, reporter Jacquelyn Kisic spoke to several shoppers along the way to ask about the growing business.

Many said like the “essence” smell of her wooden jewelry, along with its “light” and “beachy” vibe.

“They’re like, they give off like the Naples vibe,” said Lillian Greelish, who is visiting from Massachusetts, adding, “Yeah, um, well, like the palm trees here and kind of the aesthetic. It’s like, kind of clean, pretty beachy. “

For those interested in shopping the lifestyle brand, click here.

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