Fort Myers bank robbery suspect behind bars, witness speaks out

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FORT MYERS, Fla.- A man is behind bars accused of robbing a Chase bank on Colonial Boulevard late Thursday afternoon.

Police say 34-year-old Jason Piller entered the bank just after 5 p.m., implying he had a gun and demanded money.

Mary Johnson says she was talking to the teller and Piller was right behind her in line acting fidgety and nervous.

“He was just so, fidgety and moving and moving,” Johnson explained.

She says at one point the man was called up to a window but didn’t want to go there–that’s when Johnson left. Police say Piller went up to the teller, threatened her with a firearm, and demanded cash. As Johnson was walking out of the door, Piller ran right past her and wiped his fingerprints off of the door.

“My son is the one that told me. He said, ‘mama he just robbed a bank.’ I said ‘how did you know?’ He said ‘look at the way he’s dressed,'” Johnson explained.

Johnson then watched him get into a four-door parked car nearby. She followed him to the Midpoint Bridge and got a license plate number. She says she then went back to the bank to tell them.

“I was just doing what I was supposed to do,” Johnson said.

With the license plate number, police were able to identify a suspect and a home address on Skyline Boulevard in Cape Coral. As responding officers arrived at the house, so did Piller. The suspect was quickly detained and later identified by bank officials as the same person who committed the robbery less than half an hour earlier.

Piller is currently being held with no bond.








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