Dixie Roadhouse leaving Cape Coral? Owner considers options

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CAPE CORAL, Fla.- The owner of Dixie Roadhouse, one of the most popular nightclubs in Cape Coral, could consider moving the business elsewhere after city leaders voted against late night bar hours.

While in business for four years before the extended weekend hours, Dixie owner Lynn Pippenger says those were difficult years spent building clientele and Cape Coral City Council’s decision Monday night killed their momentum.

“Dixie Roadhouse has some really difficult decisions to make. It’s expensive to do things the right way, we’re gonna have to look at some pretty drastic operational changes at this location or look at other locations that may be better for us and our investors,” Pippenger said.

Dan Sinclair, president of Young Professionals of Fort Myers, Estero and Cape Coral, believes the council’s decision could have long lasting negative effects.

“I mean you got 69 new businesses in the south Cape just within the last year because of the rule,” Sinclair said. “I think you’re gonna see a lot of businesses thinking about coming here that I think are no longer gonna come here.”

“There’s so many good things going on down here and so many businesses that are benefiting from this. We’re just incredibly disappointed they didn’t see the value in that,” Pippenger added.

City councilman Jim Burch, one of five council members who voted to end the hours, says increased crime and a burden on taxpayers to hire more police officers were the two main factors behind their decision.

“Let’s just say that the premise is that people won’t come here because the 4 a.m. has not been continued… If people don’t come here because of that two hour period, I’m not sure I need their business to begin with,” said Burch who adds he isn’t worried about Cape Coral losing its ability to attract new business.

Pippenger says she hopes city leaders will reconsider their vote. Her employees have resorted to circulating a petition to encourage council members to reverse the decision.

“If not, we will figure out what’s best for us and our investors and do what we need to do.”

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