Breakfast at Tiffany’s now a reality with new cafe

Author: CBS NEWS
By Trailer screenshot (Breakfast at Tiffany’s trailer) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

NEW YORK (CBS) “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (TIF) is a phrase that conjures up ineffable glamour, with Audrey Hepburn — the star of the 1961 movie adaptation of the Truman Capote novel — gazing into the glittering windows of the famed Manhattan jewelry store.

Now, at least a hint of that glamour is obtainable, provided you’re willing to fork out $29 for breakfast. Tiffany & Co. on Friday opened the Blue Box Cafe at its flagship Fifth Avenue location in New York, offering coffee and croissants in a space splashed with the jeweler’s signature robin’s-egg blue hue.

The restaurant will serve “customers who have always dreamed of having Breakfast at Tiffany,” the company said in a statement. “The simple menu – which will change and evolve through the seasons – is a refined take on signature New York dishes, reinvented to be uniquely Tiffany.

While Holly Golightly, the protagonist of the 1961 movie, only stared longingly into Tiffany’s windows knowing she could never afford it, diners will be able to tuck into dishes like avocado toast and truffled eggs, according to Vanity Fair, which said breakfast is pegged at $29 per plate. Lunch will set diners back at least $39 per person, including a starter and main course.

The cafe is located in the store’s fourth floor, which was recently renovated to highlight Tiffany’s new home and accessories collections. Company executives weren’t available for comment.

The jewelry chain, which has long designed serving ware for the White House and stood as a byword for luxury, appears to be targeting well-heeled consumers who want to hide their wealth. Its new line of “Everyday Objects” includes such jaw-dropping products as the “Tin Can,” a $1,000 sterling silver can crafted to look like, yes, a tin can. It’s perfect for titans of capitalism who need a place to hold their Mont Blanc pens.

Other regular-folk products with sky-high price tags include $650 ping-pong paddles, which are crafted from reclaimed American walnut and adorned with sterling silver engravable plaques. And no home would be complete without a rose vermeil crazy straw (the twist in the straw is forged into its design), at $350 a pop.

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