New app aims to cut down on distracted driving

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Whether it’s calls, texts or videos, plenty of drivers are distracted by phones and technology while on the roads. But a new app may be the answer to distracted driving.

The dangers are everywhere. Distracted driving is causing more and more accidents.

“If you even just have the tone coming through for your text messages and such, you’re six more times likely to have an accident,” said David Anderson, the developer of the app.

To cut down on crashes, Anderson helped develop the smartphone application—called SafeDriveZone—that allows a parent or loved one to block apps and functions on the driver’s phone.

Once the driver hits a certain speed, set by the parent, those applications are then blocked until the driver returns below that speed.

“Everything else disappears. Any inbound phone call from anything than on an approved list can’t come in,” Anderson said.

The app, which just launched this week for Android, also has GPS tracking. You can monitor speed, location and arrival in real time or by playing it back.

“To be honest, I think it’s actually a pretty good idea because some of these apps are so addictive, the phones are engineered to be addictive and the apps are themselves too,” said Fort Myers resident Chris Smith.

The app constantly runs on the driver’s phone, so if you’re a passenger in a car, you can request passenger mode. The parent can then either approve or deny it.

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