‘Quite a shock’: Man who leased Atrium Executive Center evicted

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An earlier version of this report referred to an unrelated federal lawsuit filed against Matthew Hurley and others accusing him of securities fraud. However, we have since learned the plaintiff in that lawsuit had voluntarily dismissed it last month. In a letter sent to WINK News late in the afternoon June 7, Hurley’s lawyer said a “disgruntled ex-employee” had filed that lawsuit as part of “personal grudge” against Hurley. The lawyer said Hurley “adamantly and categorically refutes all allegations of misconduct or unfair dealings.” The plaintiff and his lawyer have since told WINK News they have “no comment.” WINK News attempted to contact Hurley before our story aired, but did not receive a response. We apologize for the error.


Matt Hurley, 22, has been evicted from his lease at the Atrium Executive Center because he hasn’t paid his rent since last year.

Hurley started leasing the Atrium Executive Center on the corner of College Parkway and Winkler Road in October of 2017.

He proposed a multi-million dollar renovation of the building, which resulted in him forcing tenants out of the building.

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“I feel like we were all really conned,” said former Atrium tenant Steve Schafer.

Tenants said Hurley told them he was the new owner of the Atrium, and then he forced them all out.

But, the company that owns the property, Atrium Southwest Florida Inc., says he was only leasing the property and hasn’t been rent since last year.

“Yeah, it’s quite a shock,” Schafer said.

Now, Hurley has received an eviction notice, and a lawsuit from the building owners.

Hurley has filed a countersuit. Hurley claims he stopped paying rent because the buildings owners refused to let him make improvements to the building, like they promised.

Former Atrium tenants say the young investor took on more than he can handle.

“It’s just unfortunate you (Hurley) didn’t seek advice,” Schafer said. “Nobody expects you to do this on your own.”

WINK News reached out to Hurley and the owners of the building, but never heard back.

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