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New guidelines say eating fish could add years to your life

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New guidelines from the American Heart Association tell us eating fish could add years to your life.

Lance Julien helped start Pure Florida, which takes groups out of Naples to catch their own fresh fish.

Something he enjoys himself, “We try to eat fish three days a week,” Julien said.

With all the fish she’s eating, we asked Julien if she thinks she’ll live a longer life, “The doctors tell us so!”

He’s right.

The American Heart Association says a recently released study shows fish a few times a week could prevent a number of heart health issues.

Cardiologist, Dr. Brian Taschner explains the benefits, “It can help with irregular heart rhythms, reducing strokes, reducing heart attacks reducing heart failure.”

He says fish like salmon, mackerel, and tuna all have beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, which our bodies don’t produce on their own, and you don’t have to eat a lot of it.

It’s so beneficial that just one to two servings a week could keep you from getting a heart attack.

Daniel Frier, executive chef at the Veranda has seen an uptick, “It’s becoming a more popular item to order when people go out to eat … if you are looking for a healthier diet, then fish would be the way to go.”

And while there are concerns with mercury from fish like shark and swordfish, along with the cholesterol found in several species.

He says sticking to the smaller varieties in moderation will be good for you.

The heart association recommends eating two 3.5-ounce servings of non-fried fish, or about ¾ cup of flaked fish every week.

If you’re not a fish fan, Frier says your green vegetables are really high in omega-3’s too along with grain rice and chia seeds.