Active shooter training could be the new norm for service workers

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What would you do if a shooting broke out near you?

When someone opened fire outside the Bell Tower Shops two nights ago, an employee at the Cru Restaurant jumped into action.

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A year ago, the restaurant trained its employees how to respond during an active shooter situation.

After recent mass shootings across the country, you may have heard about active shooter training for school staff. But now there is a push for classes for restaurant employees and other service workers.

Employees at the Cru Restaurant managed to stay calm thanks to training from Green Beret Aaron Forum who owns a shoot center in Cape Coral and also conducts active shooter drills for businesses.

“Because the shooting was 75 yards away they thought it was more prudent to stay inside and barricade, they immediately pulled everyone inside locked all the doors were prepared to defend themselves,” Forum said.

Cru’s owner signed up for his class last year and their staff applied that training this week, jumping into action when two men were gunned down.

“The staff member that took control of the situation just immediately thanked me for everything,” Forum said. “My response was ‘I didn’t do anything’ but it makes happy that people feel empowered.”

Forum says that thanks to their quick thinking, they may have avoided an even worse situation.

“What they did was excellent. “If the violence for some reason spilled over to one of the businesses you don’t want that individual to have the opportunity to barricade themselves inside your business,” Forum said.

He has been teaching more classes in the past year due to recent shootings and says the training could ultimately help save someone’s life.

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