Publix employee prevents customer from falling victim to gift card scam

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A Publix employee prevents a person from becoming a victim of a popular scam, according to Punta Gorda Police.

The customer was looking to purchase hundreds of dollars in gift cards at a publix at 2310 Tamiami Tr. in Punta Gorda.

The suspect said that they could fix the victim’s computer and the repair bill could be made in the form of gift cards.

The staff at Publix informed the customer that it sounded like a scam and contacted police.

Turns out, it was a scam and the victim was able to walk away without losing any money.

Punta gorda police say this is one of the most popular scams in our area.

If anyone asks you to pay them in gift cards, it’s almost always a scam and you should never give out your sensitive personal information.

PGPD says “If you receive a strange call or email and the person on the other side asks for personal information or funds for any reason at all, just call [your local law enforcement].”

Police commend the staff at the Publix for informing a customer of a potential scam that they could be a victim of.

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