How to deal with seasonal allergy symptoms

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Allergy medicines. (Credit: WINK News)
Allergy medicines. (Credit: WINK News)

More than 50 million Americans are struggling to breathe.

People who deal with seasonal allergies are getting hit with runny noses and itchy eyes, making it difficult for them to function.

The first thing recommended is to see an allergist to treat personal allergy symptoms.

To treat symptoms, there are several over-the counter solutions that can help such as saline sprays, nasal steroids and antihistamines. These treatments can be more effective if taken before the pollen starts flying.

β€œWe still ask you to keep your windows closed, so that you can keep the pollens outside,” said Dr. Sandra Hong with Cleveland Clinic. β€œIn addition to it, run the air conditioning or the heat in your car; recirculate the air.”

When it comes to grass allergies, medication should be taken three months before grass allergy season hits and then continued throughout the summer to create the best bet for avoiding symptoms.

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