CCSO takes to social media reminding of 19 lives lost and to drive responsibly

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Collier County has seen 19 deaths in four months. Compare that to 2018 when there were 44 all of last year.

Now, law enforcement is making a new social media push to get drivers to be careful.

Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Greg Bueno says, “We’re talking about people’s lives you know, someone’s son, someone’s daughter, someone’s husband.”

Ave Maria student and basketball player Emily Acosta lost her life in a crash back in February when a truck rear-ended her car, causing her to spin and lose control.

Students we spoke shortly after the tragic crash were struggling to process the incident. “When you see someone that day and say ‘Hi’ to them, she gave me the usual ‘what’s up kid..’ Hearing that from her just six hours before.. Its just stunning,” said a friend.

The sheriff’s office is taking to social media with a Facebook post to remind people to be cautious drivers, and acknowledging the 19 families who’ve dealt with loss in the form of broken heart emojis. Hoping to responsibility resonates with drivers.

“Cars weigh thousands of pounds,” Lt. Bueno said. “They go fast, they have the ability to hurt people, as we saw 400,000 times last year, that ended up in a traffic crash.”

Of those 400,000 crashes, there have been 3,100 fatalities..

Lt. Bueno wants to remind people it’s not just the fatalities that matter, but also the serious injuries people sustain when surviving crashes. Some end up alive but unable to walk or speak.

So next time you get behind the wheel, remember the message… be responsible.

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