Betsy’s Best healthy recipes: Peanut butter and banana bunny wrap

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Betsy Opyt healthy snacks.

Snacking on the go means sometimes eating sugary and unhealthy snacks. Registered dietitian, Betsy Opyt shows you how to make a healthy snack for on the go or for anytime.

With Betsy’s peanut butter and jelly banana bunny wraps you can toss the bread and use veggies instead, optimize your diet and go green.


Step 1: Take a collard green leaf and with a sharp knife slice down the stem from end to top of leaf to make it thinner so it is easier to wrap.

Step 2: Place banana in the center of the collard so it is right on top of the stem from one end to the other. 

Step 3: Add nut or seed butter on one side of the banana and the jam on the other. 

Step 4: Start from the jam end and fold over the banana and start to roll towards the peanut butter end. 

Step 5: You can eat whole or slice in bite size pieces!  Enjoy! 


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