Collier Mosquito Control gets brand new helicopter to battle the bugs

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New Mosquito Control District helicopter.

The Collier Mosquito Control has purchased a brand new helicopter to cut down on painful and annoying bugs.

Linea Mcleoud of Naples says, “Our mosquito district is really good at keeping them under control as best as they can. It’s an uphill battle.”

But the Collier Mosquito Control District says they have a new weapon to kill more mosquitoes faster.

A $3.4 million dollar chopper.

Patrick Linn, executive director of the Collier Mosquito Control District, says it represents a revolution in technology for them. Most of the mosquito control’s choppers are more than 20, 30 years old. Due to the age, they can’t carry the needed amount of treatment and require more maintenance.

“If you have an aircraft that’s 35 or 40 years old,” Linn said, “sometimes you’ll be waiting a very long time for parts to come in when you need them.”

The district says since this new chopper can carry more treatment pilots, it does not have to waste time landing to fill up. The extra time lets it cover ground more quickly and be ready to attack before those little bugs bite.

Linn said preparedness is key: “we need to be ready to go at a moments notice to get to those larvae when they pop up.”

So who pays for it?

The district sold two old choppers for $500,000 and used taxpayer money for the rest.

But with Collier County continuing to grow, mosquito control says it needs to grow too.

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