Hunting for a job when the cost of living in Southwest Florida is high

Reporter: Dannielle Garcia
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Local employers said they are having a hard time finding people as wages are low and the cost of living in Southwest Florida is pushing job-seekers away.

Going to job fairs, looking for full-time employment, is what Caroline Beltran does. The mother of two has been on the hunt for a job since she lost her’s eight months ago. Beltran’s former company decided to outsource her customer support position.

The company said it was a business decision, offering two weeks severance pay while saying it was nothing personal. The company’s nonchalant attitude was devastating for Beltran.

“It’s very personal and it was my livelihood,” Beltran said.

Beltran is the primary source of income in her family. Her savings have been dried up and the bills relentlessly keep coming in. While she has taken a part-time job, it does not come close to covering the high cost of living in Southwest Florida.

Beltran sends out resumes and goes to job fairs as she tries to keep herself together. She cries as she questions how she will be able to pay her bills and the basic needs of her children.

Beltran said a couple of different companies told her they might be interested. However, she received no offers on Wednesday.

Lisa Lindsey, a recruiter at Banker’s Life, said she struggles to find flexible people.

“Some of the people I talked to today,” Lindsey said, “I think they limit themselves on what they can do.”

Beltran said that does not apply to her. She hopes her determination will impress someone soon.

“I’m really just getting to that point,” Beltran said, “where I’m lookin’ for pretty much anything where I can apply the skills that I have or learn something new.”


If you are in a similar position as Beltran, Florida JobLink is an excellent resource to use.

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