Strangers show up at Lehigh family’s home twice in a week

Reporter: Taylor Petras Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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A still image from a Lehigh Acres family’s home surveillance camera shows a female stranger banging on their front door in the middle of the night. Credit: shared with WINK News.

A woman was caught on a Lehigh Acres family’s home surveillance camera banging on their front door in the middle of the night recently.

We looked at how to make the best decision in a situation where someone is crying for help, and a homeowner must decide if this is an honest plea or an attempt at a home invasion.

“She was screaming for help and that she was pleading to let her in,” the mother of the family told WINK News. She kept looking through my glass door.”

The young mother we interviewed did not want to be identified. She is scared because she says this situation happened twice in the last week at her home.

“There was a guy in the car that you know dropped her off telling her let’s go, let’s go,” she said. “I’m thinking somebody’s trying to break into my house or possibly try to do a home invasion if I open that door.”

Rich Kolko, WINK News Safety and Security Specialist, said the family did the right thing by not answering the door and calling 911.

“In reality, the home invasion thing is very rare,” Kolko said. “There’s a possibility these folks need help. Ask them what kind of help they need, and don’t hesitate to call the help they need. That might be an ambulance, an EMT, police department. Do what you can to help, but also do what you need to do to protect yourself.”

If a stranger comes knocking on your door in the middle of the night, let them know your home surveillance is recording them, Kolko said.

“There’s no reason to be secretive with what you’re doing at that time,” Kolko said. “Let them know that you’re recording them. ‘I’ve got you on video right now.’ Let them know you’re calling police. ‘I’m talking to police right now.’ That in itself is just going to scare most people away.”

The family involved in this stranger encounter is now increasing their home security.

“It kinda puts me at more high alert,” the mother of the family said. “Makes me more aware of my surroundings and be a little bit more prepared for if another incident were to happen.”

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