Water testing fliers showing up in residents mail boxes

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Photo courtesy of Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

Fliers are showing up in mail boxes across Southwest Florida, questioning if your water could be contaminated.

The letter, which looks official might look like a flier you receive all the time. If you look right under the logo for district water testing you’ll find a disclaimer that this service is separate from your local utility company.

We did some digging for you to see what information we could find on the business sending the fliers.

It was started in 2019, and the Better Business Bureau says they don’t have any customer complaints filed against the company or the owner.

But the BBB says you should always do your homework on businesses like that before you request any type of service.

We also reached out to other utility companies and they say they were all unfamiliar with the water district testing.

Lee County and the city of Cape Coral both say they work hard to ensure the water in your house is clean and surpasses quality standards.

IN fact, if you ever have issues with your water or notice discoloration, odor, or a change in taste, you can call your utility company.

They will send a crew to your home to test it, and in most cases, it’s a free service.

That alone is why one man says he is cautious of independent businesses like the one sending fliers.

“I would think that if they come in to your home based on that, they’re going to test your water and if there’s anything wrong with your water or maybe not wrong with your water, they’re going to offer their services on delivering water or whatever they might be selling. I can’t see them setting up a service to come check everybody’s water and not getting paid for it,”Fort Myers resident, Mort Goldberg said.

We spoke with the district water testing and two of the business partners said they will test your water at no cost and no obligation to buy one of their products.

They also said they are a business that relies on honesty to keep your water clean.

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