More than 80M Americans should have stimulus money by Wednesday

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Credit: US Dept. of Treasury

By Wednesday, more than 80 million Americans should have their stimulus money deposited directly into their bank accounts.

The Treasury Department says the majority of eligible Americans will get their payment in the next two weeks, and for those out of work, it can’t come soon enough.

We asked, what are you planning to pay first?

Rent is one of the top three priorities for most people, according to the United Way.

The other two are where to find food and figuring out utilities.

Lydia Carloni says she doesn’t want her payments to snowball, which is why she’s paying rent as soon as her stimulus money arrives.

She adds, “The rest, the credit cards, the stuff I can do minimums on for right now. Utilities I hope, I went and just redid my cable contract so it’s less money.”

Those eligible for the stimulus money will either receive a direct deposit or paper check in the mail depending on how your tax returns were set up.

Some of you asked, is the stimulus money connected to your tax return? As in, will the money you get now come out of your future tax refund?

That answer is no. They’re separate issues.

The IRS will have a website available soon to allow people to plug in their information and allow for their direct deposit to take place quickly.

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