Bills due? You may have the power to negotiate

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It’s May 1, and the next round of bills are due. Today, we look at bill negotiation and what to ask for to help make ends meet.

Debbie Penta of Naples says COVID-19 is cutting into her income, “I would say our income together has probably dropped by 50%.

She says, so far, she and her husband have had success getting help with their mortgage and car payments.

Using stimulus money, that say they’re catching up, but utilities like cable, internet, and cell phone, they don’t want to have cut out altogether, adding, “You need your television to keep on top of things, you need your cell phone to keep on top of things.”

Rather-Be-Shopping founder Kyle James says these bills can be negotiated, and it starts with a call.

He says, “What I like to do is find what competitors are offering. So let’s say it’s your cable bill. What other cable companies in your area are offering specials right now, kind of use that as your ammunition.”

James says to keep your cool, and if you at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, adding, “The first person you talk to might not be able to help you. Even a second person. If not call back the next day.”

If companies won’t budge on the price, try asking for complimentary upgrades.

He said it doesn’t necessarily have to be money, but it can be incentives. Especially right now while you’re working and faster internet would be great, or movie channels would be great free entertainment.

Even though our lives may have slowed down, our daily costs haven’t.

I want to try and help you save money. So call me, Allison Gormly, at (302)497-3112 or email me at and tell me what bills you are or aren’t getting help with.

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