SWFL resident who spent 18 days in ICU due to COVID-19 discusses what the recovery is like

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A Southwest Florida man spent nearly a month inside a hospital fighting the coronavirus but now he’s back home after he put up, what he calls a lonely fight.

Miguel Toledo spent 26 days inside the Cape Coral hospital battling COVID-19.

“I was in a coma for six days, I was in ICU for 18 days and all I told them was just do what you have to do,” said Toledo.

He said his battle was a lonely one, as visitors are not allowed inside hospitals.

“You’re quarantined into a room by yourself, trying to get better,” Toledo said.

It was a fight for his life that doctors, at times, were not sure he would overcome.

“My wife told me it was three times I almost didn’t make it,” Toledo said.

But on May 4 it was clear he had won the fight. He said after being released he was overcome with emotion.”

I broke down in the car, to be honest after almost a month…it’s tough, it’s tough,” Toledo said.

After returning home, his family and friends reached out to show their support. Even complete strangers gave him a proper welcome home.

“People don’t realize what family means until you’re away from them,” said Toledo.

Though his heart is full, Miguel knows life will still not look the same for a while. He relies on daily meds and weekly visits from a nurse, and a breathing machine just to get his lungs strong again.

“Once they pulled the breathing tube out it felt like I had a ton of bricks on my chest. It’s one feeling I don’t want anybody to go through,” Toledo said.

He said he’s grateful to get a second chance.

“I’m living proof of what happens I got a second chance at life.. a lot of people don’t,” Toledo said.

As places start to reopen, Miguel says he hopes to serve as a reminder that this virus is still out there impacting lives.

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