Lee County approves millions in childcare funds for parents affected by COVID-19

Reporter: Nicole Lauren
Published: Updated:

Before most of you can go back to work you’ll need someone to watch your kids. Lee County is helping after just approving millions to help cover child care.

To get the money you have to fill out an application process that begins next Tuesday. Or through the dozens of “Gold seal” child care facilities already paired with the United Way, like the YMCA in Fort Myers.

The staff will get a special questionnaire to give to families. It’ll confirm that household income was affected by the “Safer at home” order
and that extra child care assistance is needed for parents/guardians to return to work.

The United Way has to approve the money that will be paid directly to the child care facility. A benefit the YMCA says is going to make a big difference.

“I can imagine so especially those who have been out of work… And childcare can be a reason they don’t return to work because they don’t have anywhere to send their kids because they can’t afford it,” said Executive Director of YMCA Fort Myers, Joey Bellinger.

The assistance is just short term and should last for as long as it takes for the family to get back to stability at work.

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