No mask, no service at some stores

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Just days ago, two brothers were escorted out of a Target store in California for not wearing a mask, and it led to a big brawl in the store.

While Florida doesn’t have a statewide mandate requiring customers wear face coverings, if a business has a policy and chooses to enforce it, you could be left outside.

Fresh Market and Costco have a policy in place and other businesses are following suit.

Carlos Sepulvda has a sign outside of his shop, Gio Jewelry in Tin City, that says shoppers must be wearing a mask.

“I’ll take care of the customers, take care of my family, and take care of all the people around here, because I’m pretty sure that’s the way it can help it not spread more,” he said.

He said everyone has followed the rule.

A Fort Myers attorney said if a business has a rule like that in place, they have the right to ask you to leave.

“Businesses can absolutely restrict who has access to their premises,” said Lance Dunford of the Law Firm of Scott Moorey.

“If a business feels that you have to wear a mask to come in, it’s the business’s prerogative to say wear the mask.”

Some shoppers say they don’t mind it.

“We wear a mask everywhere we go,” said Teresa Ridder. “I was taught you follow the rules, respect leaders, and we have to all follow what we’re told to do.”

A Fresh Market spokesperson said they haven’t yet kicked anyone out of the store for not wearing a mask, and Target said its mask policy is only mandatory for stores in states where it’s mandated, which means Florida Target stores do not have the policy right now.

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