Movie theaters back in business starting Friday

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Prado Stadium 12 closed its doors three months ago, and while your experience will look different today, you can once again enjoy a movie on the big screen with a bag of fresh popcorn in hand.

“What was the last movie you saw and when? My husband and I went to see I Still Believe, and I think that was back in February,” said Fort Myers resident, Diane Robinson.

In March, the entertainment industry froze, but time did not.

“It’s more about making money at this point. We’re really not going to see profitability probably until next year,” said co-owner of Prado Stadium 12, Mark Clement.

While closed, Clement found creative ways for consumers to still get a taste of the movie experience.

“We did open up on Friday nights for popcorn to go and started a virtual cinema on our website so our guests, if they can’t come here, can watch a movie online,” Clement said.

Now his focus is making sure you feel comfortable when you’re ready to come back. One difference is you’ll have to order your tickets online so they can assign you seats away from other families.

“The width of the platforms meet the guideline and then we control all the seating with our reserve seating program. So, if a family of five comes in, we will be able to accommodate them. Other than that, we’re putting two empty seats in between everyone,” Clement said.

In between shows staff will have an hour to mist and disinfect the theaters and bathrooms.

These are steps many guests appreciate as they eagerly await their next movie date.

“It’s nice to sit there and see something on the big screen, just get away for a little escape,” Robinson said.

For the month of June, tickets are only five dollars and Prado Stadium 12 is paying it forward by donating one dollar off of every ticket to the Harry Chapin food bank.

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