Tracking two tropical waves with increasing odds for development, depression likely this week

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It’s mid-August, and right on cue, we’re watching two tropical disturbances, with the first being located in the eastern Caribbean, and the second in the distant eastern Atlantic. Both of these tropical waves are likely to develop later this week.

The first disturbance we’re tracking is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. As of Tuesday evening, this system looks like a mess, with disorganized storms & a broad spin. I don’t expect it to do much over the next day or so as it races across the central Caribbean.

However, by Friday it’ll be in the Western Caribbean, where conditions will be favorable for a tropical depression or storm to form. The National Hurricane Center gives this a HIGH 80% chance of development over the next 5 days. It’s still too early to know what the Caribbean disturbance will end up doing, but the range of outcomes includes getting buried in Central America to entering the Gulf of Mexico this weekend. The bottom line is everyone should be keeping tabs on it.

Meanwhile, we’re also watching a large area of disturbed weather in the eastern tropical Atlantic. The disturbance is currently not well organized; however, conditions will become more favorable for a tropical depression or storm over the next several days as it slides westward across the tropical Atlantic. The National Hurricane Center now gives this feature a HIGH 90% chance of developing over the next 5 days.

This disturbance bears watching, and interests in the Lesser Antilles, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Cuba, and the Bahamas should closely monitor the progress of this disturbance. Just like with the Caribbean disturbance, it’s too soon to know what this will do long term. The range of outcomes is that it gets shredded by the mountainous terrain of the Caribbean Islands & stays weak, or passes north of the Islands, which would mean a stronger storm.

It’s way too early in the ball game to speculate on whether or not a United States impact will occur, though if it did, the time frame would be early next week. The bottom line is we’re entering the peak of hurricane season, and now is a good time to review your hurricane preparedness plan & check your supplies.

Stay tuned, be prepared, and be safe!

If either of these tropical waves were to be named, the next names on our 2020 list are Laura and Marco. You can trust WINK News to keep you updated!

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