Colin Powell remembered by friends and colleagues in Southwest Florida

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FILE: Colin Powell saluting while in uniform.

People from all walks of life are remembering Colin Powell. From those who knew him personally, to others in the military and government, they are expressing their condolences.

Colin Powell was career military, so he was tough. But he was compassionate and caring too.

“I think mostly to his character, I’d go back to charitable events in Washington, where he really, you know, put in long work hours every day, and then would show up and use his name and his title and his credibility to help out organizations that needed assistance,” Said Porter Goss, former Florida congressman and CIA director.

Porter Goss got to know the many sides of Colin Powell when he served in Congress, and later as director of central intelligence.

Powell wasn’t always pleased with Goss but that was okay. “I will tell you, he chewed me out one day, early on when I was the brand new director of CI in a way that I shall never forget and I suspect that people in his command saw a lot of that when he was in the military as well.”

Powell was direct but always with respect. Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Gary Bryant shared this story, “there was a friend of mine and I who tended to have a toothpick in our mouth at some time when we were in uniform. He, he did not think great men should have toothpicks in your mouth. He just does this. He chastises us for that. But it was all, it was all good. He was right.”

It didn’t matter if you were the director of the CIA, or one of many military officers, Colin Powell was tough on everyone just the same because he respected servicemen and patriots just the same.

“I probably will never write a book. But if I did write a book, there be a lot of mention and call upon that. And it would all be very complimentary,” said Goss.

That is exactly how everyone describes Colin Powell’s magic. He was firm, he was honest and he was also kind.

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