Florida man stops to charge ankle monitor while committing a crime, faces grand theft auto

Writer: Derrick Shaw

Early Tuesday evening, the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office began receiving numerous calls about a person riding through homeowners’ properties on a red side-by-side.

The man, Joshua Shane Crider, even approached one caller and asked if he could use their electrical outlet to charge his ankle monitor.

A detective responded to the call and said he saw Crider near SW County Road 760 and Terrell St.

Det. Pacheco approached Crider who was allegedly behaving strangely.

While Det. Pacheco attempted to figure out what was going on, Crider reached into his pockets, causing Det. Pacheco to hear several suspicious clicking sounds.

When the suspect refused to keep his hands visible, he was immediately handcuffed. Det. Pacheco found a box cutter in his pocket with the blade out.

A check on the side-by-side revealed the vehicle to have been reported stolen out of Charlotte County.

The detective ran a check on Crider and found not only was he on house arrest but he also has an extensive history including battery, burglary, and grand theft.

He faces charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle and resisting arrest, both felonies.

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