Cape Coral police searching for a missing man

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WINK News is learning more about the search for a missing man. We spoke to the man’s friends and family, who said he disappeared after leaving a bar.

Earlier on Monday, The Cape Coral Police Department searched for him in the area around Coronado Parkway, down Cape Coral Parkway, and up to SE 45th Terrace.

Those loved ones told WINK News he’d been acting unlike himself before he disappeared. Jeremiah’s dad said he wasn’t really a drinker. So, when the family found out he was kicked out of Backstreets for being too drunk and spilling someone else’s drink, they knew that wasn’t like their “JJ.”

Jeremiah Don Ballam’s friends and family just want to know where he is. Britany Moore is a family friend. “All I can say if he’s out there, JJ, we love you. We want you to come home, please!” Moore said.

They’re hoping someone out there has answers to his whereabouts. “JJ” has been missing since Sunday morning. Courtney Pennebaker is another friend of JJ’s family. “His phone has been going straight to voicemail because we’ve been blowing it up. We’ve been blowing up his Facebook. We’ve been calling around to see if anyone has seen him,” Pennebaker said.

JJ worked at Rusty’s Raw Bar & Grill in Cape Coral. After he got off on Saturday night, family and friends say he headed to Backstreets Bar and Grill with some coworkers. Then, video shows him leaving Backstreets after getting kicked out around 3 a.m.


His car is still sitting in the Rusty’s parking lot, untouched. Moore and Pennebaker were out all day on Monday, with Cape Coral police handing out flyers. All of this in hopes that they’d run into someone who knew something.

“It’s like he vanished into thin air,” said Pennebaker.

They also said that it’s not like JJ to not show up for work or not call his dad. Now, it has been more than 24 hours since anyone has seen or heard from him. “He would find a way to get in touch with us because that’s just how he was,” Pennebaker said. “I’m with her on that,” said Moore.

These friends just want their outgoing, goofy, and adventurous JJ back home. “If anybody knows where he is just, please tell us,” Moore said.

JJ was wearing a black hoodie and khaki shorts. He has a few tattoos, paints his nails black and has his nose pierced. If you have any information on Jeremiah Don Ballam or his whereabouts, you are being asked to call Cape Coral PD.

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