Cape Coral police officers ask to move mailboxes back


CAPE CORAL, Fla.,- Police are going door to door in a Cape Coral neighborhood telling people to move their mailboxes. It’s happening near Pelican Elementary. Earlier this week, WINK News told you about traffic problems near the school. One issue cars are hitting and knocking over mailboxes. The solution — move the boxes.

“It would be very difficult for me as a late 70’s person to get out there and dig a hole,” said Irene Keegan.

Irene Keegan lives on SWt 2nd Avenue in Cape Coral. Her house borders the backside of Pelican Elementary. On Wednesday, she was given this notice from Cape Coral police officers suggesting she move her mailbox further back from the road.

“I hesitate to get mine moved right away. I prefer we try to work this out before I get out there and do it. Someone has got to tell me I have to do it other than this being dropped at my door,” said Keegan.

Police are going door to door in the neighbor measure mailboxes because of traffic problems involving people picking up and dropping off kids at the school. A number of cars headed to the school have hit nearby mailboxes. As solution the police department wants people to move mailboxes 12 to 24 inches from the road. Residents are worried if they don’t move their mailboxes, they might be fined.

“We will not be out issuing tickets for the residents, but we do want to make sure they know its recommending they move it back from the roadway so vehicles can move past,” said Sgt. Jon Kulko.

One woman who asked us not to put her face on camera says she has no choice but to comply.

“I’m going to have to hire someone to do it because the mailbox has a concrete bottom. It’s not easy to remove concrete.”

Police officers want homeowners to know if a driver hits their mailbox they maybe responsible for the damages to the car. They also say if people move their boxes within two feet of the road postal workers will still be able to deliver the mail.

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