Charlotte County to launch more than 20 new projects


PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – Charlotte County is taking on a new round of projects using money from a higher sales tax voters approved in 2014.

The county is launching more than 20 new projects fueled by residents.

“It’s exciting to have the citizens say ‘we want you to do more and we’re going to behind you,'” said Raymond Sandrock, Charlotte County administrator.

Currently, the county is on track to rake in $22┬ámillion┬áannually, that’s $4┬ámillion more┬áthan anticipated.

“It’s a very interesting list of projects. It has some public safety projects, it has recreation projects, it has kind of a variety of things so it has something for every body,” said Sandrock.

The county’s main┬áproject is expanding the Punta Gorda Library. County leaders say it will be almost three times the size of what it is now and crews are planning to┬ábreak ground in 2017.

“I think libraries are a good investment for the community. Libraries like this one that has all audio and visual equipment available for you is really helpful,” said resident┬áBill McGinnis.

Other projects include two new recreation centers. Parks like North Charlotte Regional will get a gym, fitness center and community garden. If there is money left over from the sales tax revenue, North Charlotte Regional will get a competitive size swimming pool just like the one at South County Regional.

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