Couple calls WINK News Call for Action after RV issues


FORT DENAUD, Fla. – A local couple says they turned to WINK News Call for Action after driving off with a brand new RV full of problems.

“We had great plans. Great plans,” said Elizabeth Brewington when describing her decision to trade in her old RV for a brand new 2015 Thor ACE.

But just one day after driving it off the lot, she and her husband George Baer said they had buyer’s remorse.

“We packed it up and went the next day to Maryland and then we did the walk around up there, I went through it with a fine-toothed comb and found a list of probably 25 things that needed fixed,” they said.

“Every screen in that thing popped out and you know why?” asked Brewington. “The screens weren’t right for that motor home.”

One of the more serious issues they said involved their one and only door to the RV.

“She got herself locked in there where she  could– really truthfully, if a fire had been in there, she never would’ve got out,” explained Baer. “Because the door the door would get– was wedged in the frame so bad if nobody was outside even the person outside would have a helluva time getting it open.”

Brewington and her husband said once the deadbolt was in place, it would get wedged in so tightly, that getting the door opened from either side was a big problem.

So they told us they brought their RV back in for repairs. They say after the RV sat on the lot for awhile, they called WINK News Call for Action, for help.

“I mean we got results when she got on it,” recalled Baer.

“[The Call for Action volunteer is] not afraid of anybody. That’s a little wolf, there,” said Brewington of the volunteer that helped her with her issues.

We reached out to the dealer who sold the RV, Camping World, and they told us that the repairs took a while because they had to wait for a third party manufacturer for some issues.

We reached out to the manufacturer of the RV, Thor Motor Coach, and they sent us this statement:

“Thor Motor Coach regrets the fact that Ms. Brewington’s motor home needed to have warranty repairs performed to it.  We strive to produce each of the more than 11,000 motor homes we make each year to the highest level of quality.  The Thor Motor Coach warranty provides for the repair of issues that are discovered within the one-year warranty period and reported to Thor Motor Coach or an authorized dealer.  It is our understanding that all issues discovered within the warranty period and needing repair have been successfully addressed, but if this is not accurate we encourage Ms. Brewington to contact Thor Motor Coach so we can work toward a resolution.”

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