Study: Florida drivers ranked 2nd best in U.S.

Photo: Unsplash / Pixabay/ MGN

Florida has the best drivers. Florida has the worst drivers.

All the proclamations are enough to make your head spin, which is fine as long as it’s not while you’re behind the wheel.

But now there’s yet another survey that claims drivers in the Sunshine State are the second best in the entire country.

Yes, the same drivers who mastered the technique of cutting off others on I-4, changing lanes without signaling and offering up obscene gestures are considered to be the gold standard of vehicular piloting in 2017.

QuoteWizard came up with the most recent rankings which were based on accidents, speeding tickets, DUI’s, citations and fatalities.

According to the rankings, Florida performed well in every category except fatalities, where the state ranks … gulp … 21st worst.

Only Rhode Island fared better than Florida, and for them it was a back-to-back championship, having won in 2016.

The worst in the country was none other than California, followed by Minnesota and Utah.

So go out and celebrate, Florida drivers. You’re No. 2 … until you use your skills and drive Rhode Island off the road and out of the competition.

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