Colleagues accuse doctor of sexually abusing unconscious patients 5 years ago

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New documents are linking Dr. Asif Choudhury to more than a dozen sexual assaults on unconscious patients.

Choudhury was arrested last Friday in connection with a sexual assault, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

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In a newly released 36-page report, nurses reported witnessing Choudhury in similar incidents five years ago, but he claimed it was just a technique.

The documents in the investigation describe how Choudhury took advantage of some of his patients while they were under anesthesia.

“If you’re unaware of what’s going on, that’s going to be a rape,” said Criminal Defense Attorney Joe Viacava. “Just like if you’re violently forced into a rape, they’re both non-consensual.”

Lee County detectives began interviewing several medical professionals in June after a nurse claimed they witnessed the 55-year-old doctor insert his fingers into a patients private parts.

The investigation revealed that a similar incident occurred five years ago. But, Choudhury explained that it was a colonoscopy technique, and that all he did was “applied pressure.”

“I would not say it’s a technique, that’s ridiculous because obviously you can put on doctors to say that it is or it isn’t,” Viacava said.

The report also explains that Choudhury never told his patients about this type of technique, and he was instructed to stop.

According to the report, one witness told detectives that Choudhury did this to about “one out of every ten patients,” and typically only woman about 50 years old or younger, and were physically fit.

“He’s doing, not even the same part of the body,” Viacava said. “That’s totally different. There’s no way that that would be a different procedure, these people are witnessing a rape right in front of them.”

The report explains that two victims reported symptoms of a urinary tract infection after their colonoscopies.

Viacava says it’s possible Choudhury won’t be the only one facing charges.

“Especially if they knew about it and didn’t report it, there could be criminal charges,” Viacava said.



LCSO urges people to call them if they believe they’re a victim.

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