Study hopes to improve traffic during rush hour in Fort Myers

Reporter: Taylor Petras

Residents of Fort Myers are hoping a new traffic study will ease up traffic during busy travel times.

As the county is looking to improve traffic during rush hour, Fort Myers has approved a $350,000 traffic study, they hope will lead to a solution from all the congestion of rush hour traffic.

Residents like William Moldashell of Fort Myers, say roadways such as Colonial Boulevard, bad traffic is nothing new. And that congestion is pushing more traffic into nearby neighborhoods.

“That intersection is always clogged because people are trying to get over the bridge and a lot of people come down our street here to get around the traffic,” said Moldashell. ” I have an 11-year-old daughter and she comes out and plays out here and it’s a concern,” Moldashell said.

The traffic study will look at turning movements at 21 different intersections along Colonial during busy travel times.

The study will also count how many cars drive through it. As well as it will see how to improve bike lanes and walk ways along Colonial boulevard.

There are no plans yet on what improvements will be made to the road yet, but trust WINK News to update you as the traffic study gets underway.


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