Parent upset after Cape Coral worker passes stopped school bus

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The City of Cape Coral says they are looking into an incident this week involving a utility truck almost hitting a student at a bus stop. The student’s mother said footage of the incident shows her confronting the driver who almost hit her son. This continues to be a major concern, since there have been similar incidents with students being hit at bus stops.

The incident happened at the corner of SE 15th Place and SE 21st Lane in Cape Coral Thursday.

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WINK News was told the city is addressing the incident with the utilities department director and the truck driver.

Meanwhile, parents and people who live near the bus stop where it happened are upset to hear about the close call. Michael Jenkins is a parent who drops his daughter of to catch the bus at this stop.

“I stay with her until she gets on the school bus,” Jenkins said. “It terrifies me.”

Randy Clay is surprised by the reported incident.

“I would think that they would know better than anyone,” Clay said. “I think they should be trained to understand how to drive, you know, what the rules of the road are.”

Neighbors said the driver of the city utility truck is not the only one who has sneaked around school buses during a stop.

“I’ve seen people drive around the school buses that are stopped with their arms out a couple times,” Brian Janucik said. “There’s no need for it. You can’t be in that big of a hurry.”

According to the School District of Lee County, “Parents trust us with their children, our most precious cargo, and our drivers are dedicated to keeping them safe.”

Jenkins said he would likely have responded the same way as the mother whose son was in danger of the passing utility truck.

“That’s what all of us parents would do,” Jenkins said.

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