Season of Savings: Thoughtful gifts for your kids

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It’s our Season of Savings and we talked to to lifestyle blogger, Christina Nicholson, about thoughtful gifts you can give your kids this year.

The countdown to Christmas is getting even shorter, and you only have a few days left to pick gifts for your family.

So what do you give the kids who seem to have everything?

An easy, cheap and meaningful gift for your kid sometimes are the gifts that emphasize experiences and time with your child. This can include lessons for things like cooking, or music lessons which are both fun for your child and educational.

Also, think about memberships. If your child likes going to the zoo or museum, memberships can be a gift that benefits the whole family and it lasts all year.

Or finally, the easiest of ideas is to wrap up some homemade coupons.

“You can create your own little coupon book and it can be a date night with mom. Or a movie night with popcorn and you get to pick the movie,” said Christina Nicholson, lifestyle blogger. “Even if it is something that you do on a regular basis with your child, just giving that to your child and letting them know they can cash it in especially after using the” stay up one hour after bedtime” coupons, those are a big hit with kids too.”

Along the same guidelines, you can get your kids games. Board games and card games are both great ways to spend time as a family.

For more “toyless” gift ideas, you can visit Nicholson’s blog HERE.

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