Golden Gate homes in high demand but few on the market

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Homes along the water are a hot commodity in Southwest Florida, but you don’t have to live on a beach to enjoy it. Homes along Golden Gate are a reasonable option too. But realtors say they’re going quick.

As the market stands in Golden Gate, Richard Faust, a real estate broker, said there is not enough space available to meet the demand.

“It’s very hard to find them,” Faust said. “There’s only two or 10 on the whole market, and two that are a lot. So it’s difficult to get a canal home, so those that want them are going to have to pay a little more”

And the reason why homeowners stay is what homeowners get out of their property. And that’s living near the water. There are homes along the canal throughout the Golden Gate community.

“Well it’s a beautiful place to be,” Karen Brown said. “I really enjoy it here. It’s hot in the summer, but it’s worth it in the winter.”

Brown has lived in Golden Gate nearly 40 years — struggling at times, raising a family, going to school and starting her career. After all that hard work to afford her view, Brown has no intention of moving any time soon.

“The view is good,” Brown said. “It’s calming because we have a pool and then we have a water behind the canal, so it’s nice. It’s pretty”

And that’s what draws people. Living near the water isn’t just for places off the coast of Naples or other parts of the county.

Faust also tell us homes in the neighborhoods near the water sit in the $300,00 range. Those homes on the canal can expect to pay a little bit more. Faust said when these houses hit the market, they go fast, and they stay off the market.

But that’s what longtime homeowner Brown likes.

“Yes, it’s nice it’s not a come and go,” Brown said. “And many of these aren’t rentals. They’re owned.”

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