Tape grass could be possible solution to keeping waterways clean in SWFL

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Photo: WINK News

That awful murky algae is creeping back in to our waterways here in Southwest Florida, and scientists are working to make sure it doesn’t cause the damage SWFL experienced a year ago.

One solution scientists are looking at to help keep the waters clean is tape grass.

“It’s really critical species of aquatic plant in the upper aquatic estuary it’s kind of the forgotten seagrass,” says David Ceilly of Johnson Engineering.

Not only does the grass provide habitat for animals, it also diminishes the blue-green algae.

“Ecosystem services are beneficial to humanity like preventing harmful algae blooms by removing the nutrients for the water and providing a food source for small animals that are eaten by fish that we like to catch,” said James Douglas, a professor at the Florida Gulf Coast University water school.

And Douglas says after diving into the water that has been treated by this grass that you can really see a difference.

“Preliminary be found there are some big differences in the life that we see where there is a structure and where there’s not,” said Douglas.

Scientists also tell us it took a while fore them to notice the tape grass was diminishing because the water is so murky in color. Their goal is to restore this back to the way it was before, but that will take some time.

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