SWFL residents preparing for Hurricane Dorian impacts

Reporter: Taylor Petras
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The calm before the storm.

More and more people in SWFL are getting ready for Hurricane Dorian.

From the most seasoned hurricane veterans like Juan Matos…

“I went through Andrew and I lost my house. So that made me ready, so I don’t take chance.”

…to the newbies like Deb Cabral.

“I got nervous because I’ve never been through a hurricane. We’re used to snow up there. We know how to prepare for snow,” she said.

Cabral just moved here from Massachusetts two weeks ago.

“I called our friends and just asked them what to do, what should I, you know, stock up on? They told me bottled water and any non perishable things,” she said.

She took her friends’ advice. She and many others hit the grocery store to prepare for the storm making its way to the Sunshine State.

“Even if nothing happens, I’m still gonna use this,” said Louis Olivo from Cape Coral.

Meanwhile, others filled their shopping carts with hurricane essentials like flashlights and batteries.

“I tell people, even though it’s small one, you wanna pretend it’s not coming, you pretend it’s coming. ‘Cause better be safe than sorry,” said Olivo.

While at the same time, hoping Dorian goes away.

“I’m gonna pray my way through it cause God’s in control I know that,” said Cabrao.

Florida’s east coast clearing shelves, preparing for Hurricane Dorian impacts

From empty shelves, to long lines, Florida’s east coast is getting read for now Hurricane Dorian.

“I’m not that concerned, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’d rather be here now before it gets too crazy,” said Jamie Arden

The Miami Shores woman waited outside her local Publix before the doors opened.

On Wednesday, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez reminded people that now is the time to prepare.

“Uncertainty remains high for the future,” he said.

Further north, a similar message from West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James.

“We don’t want a last-minute run to the stores where we might risk not having sufficient supplies so take those steps now.”

Even with that warning, some stores are already running out of supplies.

A video from our partners on Vero Beach shows Walmart shelves of water, empty.

Meanwhile, in Orange County, homeowners like Susan Rausch are already filling up sandbags.

“I had to do this for Irma and it was a mess,” she said. “So I said, you know what? I’m going and I’m gonna get them early.”

And that is the message we have been hearing: get prepared now.


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