Putting tracking apps to the test for Halloween

Reporter: Nicole Lauren
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Microsiervos / CC BY 2.0

More and more people are using tracking apps to keep tabs on each other, but are those apps good to use on Halloween night?

There are plenty of tracking apps to choose from, and WINK News put a few of them to the test to see how well they really work.

The first app tested was Find My Friends, which allows your friends to track your location, if you allow them to.

During an experiment, the exact location was lost for a short period of time when it lagged.

The tracking app Zenly worked better, as it allowed the person to be tracked while they were driving around the entire time, it even allowed the tracker to see the speed of the vehicle our other member of the experiment was driving in.

Here is what police say about the use of tracking technology.

“It’s really between the parent and the child…the trust between the parent and the child, whether they’re going to keep track of them via cell phone, call where are you right now if there’s a little less stress there were the parents a little more cautious they may want to use a GPS tracking app so they can see in real time where their kids are,” Phil Mullen of the Cape Coral police said.

Regardless, people still have their reservations.

“If I had small children which I don’t, I would wanna be with them at all times I don’t want to count on an app,” Dianna Lang of Cape Coral said.

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