Cape Coral proposing changes to the noise ordinance law

Reporter: Nicole Lauren
Published: Updated:

Calling it a threat to public safety, Cape Coral is again proposing changes to how it polices and punishes loud noise.

The biggest change from the first ordinance is how they punish repeat offenders, and how they measure sound levels from place to place.

The first ticket, $150, and after that it more than doubles to $500.

“You have to respect the environment… there’s enough noise going on for whatever, let’s try to get along a little bit and tone it down,” said Lucie Deziel, a Cape Coral resident.

Cape Coral Mayor Coviello says this new ordinance will provide more practical enforcement, and they will especially enforce that time frame, from 11 p.m. – 7 a.m.

It still includes loud noises from cars, and also states an officer doesn’t have to be a witness to write you a ticket.

Residents say this ordinance is about showing respect for the quiet community, and people need to follow the rules.

“People should be a little more tolerate of other people and they should watch what they’re doing, so they don’t disturb other people…you have to be fair, it’s very simple,” said Cape Coral resident, Mario Nicoli.

A public hearing will take place on December 2, to discuss the ordinance.

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