Your philosophy going into holiday shopping season could save you money

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Online shopping. Photo via MGN Online

Worrying about Christmas gift ideas is a common holiday struggle, but while budgeting is your top priority, there could be a step you’re skipping that is costing you money.

Not knowing the gifts somebody wants is a problem everybody encounters, but while you are making your list, etiquette expert, Thomas Farley says there’s a step to take before creating a budget.

“It’s essential that we all develop a gift giving philosophy,” said Farley.

This means putting thought into a gift instead of just throwing money at something expensive.

Farley says you have to decide exactly who you are buying for and why, and that means paying attention to detail.

“Comments that perhaps come up in everyday conversation where somebody mentions a favorite author, or a favorite director,” Farley said.

Otherwise you’ll be paying for convenience.

He says your philosophy should be about gifting with someone’s heart, and not your wallet in mind.

“If there’s a favorite baked good, maybe it’s their absolute favorite pie, the fact that somebody took the time and trouble, rather than just buying something online” Farley said.

And if you need some help planning and keeping up with that list, there is an app for that. Just type in ‘gift’ into the apple store and you’ll find plenty of apps to choose from to keep up with what you’ve bought and what you still have left to do.

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