Checking your kids phone regularly can keep them out of trouble

Reporter: Nicole Lauren
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A simple check of his child’s phone and a Cape Coral father saved his daughter from an accused predator who was states away.

The father did everything right and potentially stopped something horrible from happening—all because he went through his daughter’s phone.

People we spoke to say it might be an invasion of privacy, but it is only to protect them.

“Yes I do because teenagers don’t have the filter, or young children don’t have the filters, to know what’s good and bad,” said Naples resident, Ruth Mutchnik.

We reached out to the FBI who tells us the best way for parents to prevent this from happening is communication.

Parents need to explain to their children the risks of being online and the types of predators out there.

The FBI says another option is limiting the WiFi access at your home, and also spot-checking their phone and other devices to see what is on them.

Our Safety and Security Specialist Rich Kolko also told us about some other warning signs parents need to look out for.

“There’s certain things that they can look for: Are they going away with her texting out of the room? Are they doing it in their bedrooms away from their parents? That’s kind of a hint that something wrong is going on. Another thing, as a parent, if you walk up and you see your kid quickly change the screen to something else, don’t forget these kids are pretty tech-savvy,” Kolko said.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says there are tips for children as well. Some of those included not posting your age or location on your social media pages and sharing your passwords with your parents.

For more information to help parents, here is a guide for all you want to know about your child’s social media life.

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