Spring breakers, beachgoers not fazed by coronavirus threat

Reporter: Sydney Persing
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Fort Myers Beach (WINK News)

Despite stern coronavirus warnings, Southwest Florida beaches are packed.

We found large crowds on Tuesday even though counties are declaring states of emergency and President Trump urged everyone not to gather with more than 10 people.

If the crowds aren’t indication, the traffic shows just how many people are still out and about In Fort Myers Beach.

The sun is shining and people are off from work, but the big question is should they be there?

“Coronavirus? We don’t care about no coronavirus,” said one beachgoer.

Beachgoers at FMB not scared of coronavirus. (WINK News)

“I’m not missing out on spring break,” lamented another beachgoer. “I missed out on spring break last year and the year before but I don’t want to miss out on it this year.”

“I don’t want to let anyone stop me from living,” another beachgoer said.

Some 20 miles away, behind the throngs of traffic and away from the beers and cheers, Gayle gave us a call. She sees these people on TV old enough to be “at risk” and it’s breaking her heart.

We all have to give up something, we all have to. This is sacrifice right now. but you don’t sacrifice the elderly for parties,” she said.

Beachgoers at FMB not scared of coronavirus. (WINK News)

Gayle wants a different sacrifice. She wants someone, anyone in an authority position, to order the beaches closed.

“How do you let thousands and thousands of young people, and from watching your program and the news, they could care less…. they could care less,” she said. “I don’t want my mom to die and I don’t want to die.”

She’s out of luck, for now. Governor DeSantis isn’t going to shut down beaches statewide and the mayor is not going to close Fort Myers Beach.

That’s good news for the folks still hanging out there.

“It’s spring break,” exclaimed one beachgoer. “It’s not gonna stop me from having fun, so,” said another.

“Anyone who’s healthy, they’re not gonna be affected so,” another beachgoer claimed.

Not great news for Gayle.

We reached out to the mayor today for answers on that, but have not heard back.

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