Fresh Market now requires workers and shoppers to wear masks

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A Southwest Florida grocery chain will require shoppers and workers to wear masks in their stores—as further precautions to protect against COVID-19 are being taken.

If you go to Fresh Market — you are going to see signs posted everywhere that says all guests must wear face coverings starting Tuesday.

Fresh Market tells me this decision was made for no other reason but to keep you and their employees safe.

A spokesperson for Fresh Market said they won’t block you from entering without a mask but they are asking guests to support this recommendation for the benefit of the community.

Their employees are also now required to wear a face mask while working.

The spokesperson says their biggest fear is someone walking into their store who doesn’t know they’re carrying the virus and getting other people sick.

A professor at Florida Gulf Coast University explains why a mask is so important in that situation.

‘Asymptomatic individuals can still transmit this virus and so because we don’t know who we’re coming in contact with—the grocery store workers also are not sure who they are coming in contact with…the mask is really to protect the next person so it completes the cycle,” said Loureen Downes, FGCU Nurse Practitioner Program Director.

If you don’t already have a mask — there are several ways you can make one at home.

The CDC recommends you roll up a bandana and use hair ties to secure it around your ears.

An old cotton t-shirt is another option.

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